The Video Preview for

The Coaches Cure 8

starring Finn Harper and Eric Spector

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Video Preview

For the next three weeks, a copy of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




The Coaches Cure 8 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Coaches Cure 8 – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Video Preview for The Coaches Cure 8”
  1. Haha! Poor old Finn – I just laughed out loud when the poor lad tried to sit down and found that he really couldn’t!

    That was a sensation I was well used to by the time I was young Finn’s age! At least the boy had the option of standing up again! I remember having to spend hours sitting on the hard wood of an unyielding classroom chair with burning red weals across my bum, following a stingingly painful visit to the headmaster’s study! And you couldn’t wriggle around as the natural thing was to do – if you couldn’t sit still, you were likely to be hauled out to the front of the classroom, bent over the desk, or laid over the teacher’s knee, and smacked again! Those were the days!

  2. Excellent, more please. And please get coach Spector in trouble so that he can bend for the cane as we also like to see James Holt and Ryan Conway.

  3. Hi Bruce
    Was wondering if they’re are any updates on some of these guys?
    One of the new guys Gary Kral will he be back? His first (and only video) was impressive.

    Been missing Luke Geer be great to see him soon. His video with Rich was amazing in Kiwi College 26. (and his tight underwear was an added bonus.) Not forgetting his most recent video in You pay the Price. (more tight underwear!) Another pairing with Rich would be great.

    Couple of requests could we see some of the slightly older guys featured more being given a good workout. Namely James Holt and Ryan but also the new guy Erik Spector.

    Finally Finn. Have requested before but Finn in a cycling themed video wearing some tight cycling shorts would be amazing. (Who can forget Rudi and Jerry in a similar theme)
    Finn wearing some briefs similar to the ones featured in the Sting gallery would also be an ongoing request.
    Underneath his tight grey shorts black jeans tight trousers – all would work.

  4. I would just like to add my voice to Ethan’s request, especially for seeing Finn getting spanked in tight briefs (coloured, NOT white boner-killers!) and short grey shorts.

  5. Ethan has some very good ideas.

    Gary Kral has great potential.

    As for the slighter older, bigger, hunkier models, I would also like to see James Holt, Ryan Conway and Erik Spector playing the bottom role.

    Also try to get Phil Stone back playing the bottom role.

  6. I am sure I am not alone in suffering from a severe case. Of Finn Harper withdrawal! It is three weeks since his last Spanking and he must have been up to all sorts of mischief.

    When are you getting that bad boy back for another dose?

  7. Have to agree with Parker defintiely been missing Finn Harper. any updates when he’ll be back? Can’t think of anyone better to try out the new studio.

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