The Sting Christmas Bonus

In this Christmastime release, there are two butt burning stories. The first starting with James ( Curtis Cameron) who has been skipping college for nearly a month and Marco of course has had enough.

Starting with a good paddling on his jeans and finishing on his bare bottom.


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However, Marco is still not happy with the lads behavior and takes James over his knee for a good firm stinging spanking! This on his already burning backside will definitely make sure his escapades have finally come to an end.

The second story is offered for free with the first one, hence the price. Davies (Audition test model Nico Garcia) has been misbehaving at college and not attending sports lessons.

So the coach (Ryan Conway) decides that it is time to deal with the lazy lad. Starting with a spanking!

Then kneeling on the bench for a good strapping this will make sure he attends lessons punctually and when he is supposed to!



The Sting Xmas Bonus – in 1080p Extra High Definition

The Sting Xmas Bonus – in Standard Definition


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “The Sting Christmas Bonus”
  1. What a Christmas present from Sting, two twinks for the price of one including my favourite alongside Finn in Curtis Cameron.
    Thank you Sting for keeping us entertained in 2022 and my best wishes to all at the studio for Christmas and 2023.

  2. This video is full of ‘my favourite things’!

    To whit, young Curtis’s black jeans and light beige boxer-briefs that are the perfect length for smacking!
    And then, Nico in school uniform, being laid over the knee! The uberspanky combination of short, close-fitting black school shorts and clingy navy-blue underpants (my second favourite colour for spankingwear!) is a winner for me every time! I particularly appreciate the fact that his boxer-briefs have no seams up the seat, making them beautifully smooth for spanking! I’m looking forward to seeing him disciplined on future occasions!

    As I’ve observed previously, young Ryan has grown wonderfully well into his role as a top! But the sight of him in those tight white shorts, with what I’m sure is a pair of coloured briefs underneath them, makes me realise just how we must also not lose him as a bottom, at least as long as he is young enough for corporal punishment!

    A seriously delicious boner-making bonus for Christmas – thank you to all at Sting, especially the boys, who take so much for our pleasure!

  3. Can I ask please if there will be a video preview clip coming out just before I purchase this clip? I’d like to see before I buy, thank you.

    1. Hi Saki

      I am trying to find out if a trailer will be available, but can’t get an answer at the moment, things are a bit held up due to Christmas. There is usually one, but it may not be until Tuesday or Wednesday this week


  4. As for Saki, I would like to see a trailer as is customary with Sting. I hope this does not affect sales of this video as I want to see Curtis in particular back again.

  5. Great first photo of Curtis walking in the snow. Love the black Jeans and cute hat. The underwear is perfect with the cheeky logo – what a great photo. (More photos always appreciated!) Sting is the best with attention to detail.
    No offense to the new guy but Ryan in those tight white shorts was a huge distraction. They looked amazing and left me wondering what briefs he was wearing underneath! The good Doctor Van Spankings observations were on point as always!
    Thanks Sting and not forgetting those behind the scenes who produce such high quality.

  6. Thanks for another great video. What I like is that Ryan is also spanked and knows how the one he spanks feel. But his tight whit shorts certainly demand a caning soon (lol). I hope Nico and Cutris are also back soon for a caning(s).
    Best wishes for 2023 to all at Sting ( and the regular reviewers and other users).

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