Sting have asked me to let their customers know that they will no longer be offering the 720p definition option to people buying their videos. In future Sting videos will be available in the following two formats:

1080p Extra High Definition

Standard Definition

However, as in the pictures above and below, you will still have two great options for Spanking fun…

The links to the 720p option will be removed from blogs in due course






By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Then There Were Two!”
  1. I’m disappointed about the deletion of the 720p option. It was a nice compromise between the high-resolution, high-price 1080p file and the lower-quality, lower-resolution standard file. Please reconsider your decision.

    1. Hi again Rasputin

      I have spoken to Sting about this, and the problem is with Bandwidth. Apart from yourself, very few people op for the intermediate 720p Definition option and, as such the additional expense of maintaining it is not worthwhile. I am sorry for any disappointment


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