As any fan of Sting Pictures will know, young Brett (above) must rank among the most spanked bad boys in Britain. So often has Brett been spanked this is the 50th posting at JockSpank to feature Brett and his, usually bare and cherry red, bottom.

Brett gets his backside warmed twice in Troopers in Trouble a Sting download, set in a British cavalry regiment barracks in the middle of the last century, which was released last November. In the first scene, after he breaks army rules he is ordered to the gym in his pajamas and ordered to drop his pants and bend over the vaulting horse for a firm spanking from the Sergeant.

The punishment starts as a hand spanking, but when the Sergent’s hand starts to hurt, Brett discovers that his own carpet slippers can be used for more than just keeping his feet warm.

The Sergeant’s hand is starting to hurt

But he spots an alternative implement!!

“Ah! Yes this will do nicely!!”

It seems the bad boy hasn’t learned his lesson!!

Brett may have thought he got away with his impudence, but if so, it didn’t do him much good. His escape was short lived as a couple of scenes later he finds himself bending over a saddled gym horse, experiencing the “Sting” of a well applied riding crop.

Troopers in Trouble also features Darren, Robbie, Rusty (in one of his last bottom roles), Dexter and a number of other sting lads.
Troopers in Trouble Download
A link to Sting’s US 18.2257 age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog.


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