The Video Preview for

Kiwi College 25

starring Michal Christan and Marco

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Kiwi College 25 – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Video Preview for Kiwi College 25”
    1. Michal looking good. Great underwear!
      Is Finn back before the Christmas break? A new Finn video would be a great gift for the holidays.
      Been missing Luke Geer and James Holt. Appreciate an update if possible. Thanks Bruce.

  1. Yes I agree with hisroyalheinie. Michal is a great addition to the Sting stable. He looks great in his tight pants (well, even in the regulation Sting school shorts, actually!)….and even better when he’s over the knee for a bare-bottomed spanking! He’s welcome back ANY time!

  2. Michal Christan is a good-looking lad, and he looks very good in those tight gray briefs.

    Allow me to offer a suggestion for all Sting videos. Start off with the lad getting a long, hard OTK hand spanking – first on his trousers or shorts, then on his briefs underwear, and then finally have the spanker pull the lad’s briefs down in back while the lad is over the spanker’s knee to administer the bare-butt OTK spanking.

    After the lad has received his OTK spanking on his briefs and bare butt, THEN have the spanker use a cane, switch, paddle, etc. on him. The lad can be bent over or leaning over the back of a chair or whatever position is desired. But get the OTK hand spanking over with first. That way the lad can be hand-spanked on the seat of his briefs and then on his bare ass, which I especially like.

    I hope you incorporate these suggestions into future Sting videos.

  3. I’d be opposed to this for ALL videos, as this would deprive implement lovers of the opportunity of the corresponding pleasure.

  4. Sting are aware that their audience have differing tastes in many things including the sequence of events in terms of hand spanking or implement use. Some like to see the spanking first before the implement, whereas others like the OTK spanking to be at the end, so the unlucky recipient is spanked on an already sore bottom.

    Therefore, they seek to alternate the sequence from time to time, in order to please both groups

  5. Michal does look great in those tight grey boxer briefs. I do like to see the guys spanked over thier undwear but prefer to end with the spanking too. I’m sure at times there could be a way where the guys after the caning/slippering etc pull up thier underwear and stand against the wall before the second part.spanking This way keeps everyone happy.

    This did happen in Coaches Cure 5 with two gorgeous guys Finn Harper and Dorian. (Finn wore some exceptionally tight black boxer briefs in that video – perfect) So maybe theres room to incoporate this in more of Stings videos. FIrst Finn was Paddled over his trousers and boxer briefs and then in the second part spanked over his boxer briefs before they came down again for the finale.
    Hope Finns back very soon and wearing some very tight black briefs.

  6. I like Ethan’s suggestion. Have the lad put his briefs back on after the implement spanking, then have him spanked on his briefs OTK, and then the spanker pulls the lad’s briefs down in back for the bare-butt OTK spanking. Good idea.

  7. When the lad is being spanked OTK on his briefs, please do not make him stand up and pull his briefs down himself. Have the spanker pull the lad’s briefs down while the lad is lying over the spanker’s lap.

    Also please try to find some handsome, muscular, hunky lads to be spanked. So many of your bottom models are too boyish for my tastes. Some guys like Leonardo King or Luke Radley are more to my liking.

    Finally, please have the lads spanked in tight, skimpy briefs or Speedos as often as possible.

  8. Thanks for an excellent video. If you implement, lads pulling up briefs after an instrument spanking, please show the marks clearly when it comes down again. Displaying marks is as good as the actual spanking. Also, I believe in real life, once the briefs came down, it stays down.

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