You Pay The Price

You Pay The Price

When you share an apartment with a friend, there needs to be a certain level of trust; in many cases such as this, the trust has been broken. When one of the flatmates (Marco) notices money going from his bank on items he had not purchased, he decides to investigate, and not to his surprise, he finds his flatmate Scott (Luke Geer) in action with his bank card.

Needless to say, he is not happy at all and decides to punish his flatmate there and then!


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Arriving back in the room with a riding crop, he orders Scott onto his knees on the couch and starts the punishment. As Scott’s lower clothing is removed, each crack of the riding crop becomes more and more painful, especially when it is greeting his bare backside!

If Scott thinks that’s it, well, absolutely not, and it’s over the knee for a damn hard spanking on his already very uncomfortable backside. If you spend someone else’s money, you pay the price!

Luke Geer Pays the Price





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2 comments on “You Pay The Price

  1. Great to see Luke Geer back. Been awhile. I did like his hairstyle in his last video but still looking good here. Tattoos not an issue for me. Like his jock persona and he looks great in those tight blue boxer underwear. White socks always a plus too.
    Would like to see Luke in some tight briefs maybe in a Slipper Him with Rich.
    One of the top models at Sting bring back Luke soon.

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