Approved Education Part 9 – (part 2 of 2)

The second half of the images from Sting’s latest download “Approved Education Part 9” and the first lad in trouble is Doug
Henshaw played by Leonardo King.
Henshaw is another pepetual offender. He is struggling to explain why he has
brought a third letter about his unruly behaviour in class to the
Headmasters study. Touching his toes as ordered he can feel his
backside pushing tightly out causing the grey shorts to wrap neatly
round his dangerously exposed buttocks.


cane thwacks down! It burns but now it’s going to really sting as
the order to ‘take down your shorts’ is barked out.
unruly lad’s bare bottom will now take the full brunt of the
well-oiled swishy rattan.



scorching stripes grow as do the howls that they cause.



feels humiliated and as he stands up rubbing
his raw and painful bare backside he can’t help issuing a rude
Headmaster will have none of this and furiously pulls Henshaw across
his knee. The boy will now receive a stinging bare bottom spanking over his
burning stripes he’ll certainly remember for some time to come!







(Brad) is another fighting rebel. This coupled lately with his very
insolent behaviour has brought him to the door of the Heads study.


no time and regardless that he is a senior he is soon over the knee
and feeling the stinging slaps of the Heads palm. Now his underpants
are tugged down and the spanking goes bare. 



really does deserve this and the Head intends it to be a scorcher.
Slap after slap lands on an increasingly red bare bottom but unknown
to Harley his sore jutting out cheeks are being prepared for the



will come in the form of an old reformatory wooden handled strap,
passed to the head by a friend and especially useful to deal with
unruly seniors. Harley bends over the back of a chair his now raw
bare backside ready to receive what going to be a severe exemplary
leathering! This really is a hot one! 








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