Bad Boy Brett’s Borstal Birching

In a further scene from Sting download “Borstal Correction 2 – Back inside”  Brett as Stevens has broken the rules too often, and is given a choice of losing remission or taking a severe birching from the infamous Dr Barton. He opts for the birching, and lives to regret that decision.

The images below only show a small number of the birch stokes Brett takes . but he takes a lot in this scene and must have been very sore afterwards (as will Brad, who also took a Birching in the same download)

Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 1)

Jay, the boy with the expressive face

Jay was a regular Sting Actor during what we might call, Sting’s middle years, prior to their move to the Czech Republic, appearing in various DVDs including My Borstal Days, Asian Incident, 1900 House of Correction and memorably on the receiving end of the infamous nettle birching in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 (more of that in part 2 of this post which ,will be posted tomorrow)

A natural blond with a handsome face and good body, Jay was ideal for the role of unlucky bad boy which he took to with relish, and obvious good nature.

Like a many of the British Sting Actors, Jay started modelling career working for ClubLads where he became known for his beaming smile and open expressive face, which became even more evident when he began working for Sting – albeit the expressions were somewhat less cheerful ones.
Jay in a classic ClubLads pose

Bad Boy Jay expresses his opinion of being spanked

Below aew a couple of artistic black and white images

Cute (but still a bad boy)!

Jay poses with Rob in a backstage scene during the making of 1900 House of Correction (From the Sting Double Bill DVD) – That Robert is one lucky guy!

Jay and Tigger let it all hang out

As a regular member of the “Sting Stable”, Jay appeared in some of Sting’s most iconic scenes. For instance, his all too brief appearance at the beginning of Instruments of Persuasion Part 1, dressed as a Roman schoolboy, in a skimpy toga, bending over to take the birch was the stuff of many a fantasy. The Roman scene was only a brief glimpse during the prologue, however, birching fans are well catered for in what is the first of two excellent explorations of the many and various methods of punishing young male bottoms.

One of Jay’s earliest appearances was in My Borstal Days, when in the role of Russell he took a painful bare bottom strapping from a strict headmaster. As ever with Jay when something hurts it shows in his face.

My Borstal Days

Jay also appeared in a number of scenes in Tales from St Datchet’s Academy (Grey Shorts 2) but, for once, escaped taking a spanking himself (many others, in an all star cast including Matt Mills, Tigger, Brett, Barry, Coyote, Harry, Mike, David, Vex. Lee Knight, JJ and Anderson were not so lucky)

Scenes from St Datchet’s Academy

In one of Jay’s various scenes in Asian Incident he took a sound slippering across the gym horse, first over tight white shorts, and then on his bare behind. Again Jay’s expressive face told the story.
Jay feels the “Stinging” rubber on the seat of his problem

To be continued:….


Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 2)

Continuing the two part appreciation of popular sting lad Jay, in a further scene from Asian Incident, we find him naked and sore, at the stinging end of a cruel looking cane, in a very convincing punishment scene.

In the 1900 House of Correction (Part of the Sting Double Bill) Jay, playing a Victorian youth, was back over a vaulting horse receiving another well deserved strapping.

A sore bottom and film star good looks, a perfect combination

Probably Jay’s most famous role was in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 when playing a young French thief he received a bare bottom birching with a bunch of stinging nettles (OUCH!)

A nettle rash like that will have stung for quite a while after the birching was over

As Jays wonderful display of discomfort clearly testified

Further images from the Nettle Birching can be found here

Sadly all boys must grow up, and in Jay’s last role for Sting, in the download Approved Education Part One he switched roles and played a young school master handing out spankings and slipperings to two naughty schoolboys played by Ginger and Harry

Jay gave a very competent performance in an unaccustomed role

However, most of us fondly remember Jay as the nervous young miscreant with the nettle stung bottom!

Jay has not appeared in any recent Sting movies, and may have now moved on to other things in life. However, whatever he is doing, I am sure we all wish him well, as he has given us a great deal of pleasure as one of the most delightful of the Sting Lads.


Targeting Louis

In the top two pictures Louie, one of Sting’s latest bad boys appears to be foolin’ around, so I thought I would do so as well (with PhotoShop) on one of the pictures.

I am sure you will agree Louie seems to be very well cast as a bad boy, so perhaps he should permanently wear a target on his butt?

Louie has so far appeared in the first Sting Plus movie “The Water Boys“, “Home not so Sweet Home“, “Sixth Formers (The New Term)“, “Bring Back the Birch” and “Up the Creek with a paddle

The first set were taken during the making of The Water Boys

Here are some more pictures of (a slightly blonder) Louie taken during the making of Home not so Sweet Home.


Home not so sweet Home is among the Ex-Premium site downloads


Bad Boys Don’t Get to Have Fun

While we all enjoy our lives, making the best of our freedom and liberty, doing what we want when we want and going where we please, spare a moment to think of those bad boys who, on account of their misbehaviour and antisocial actions found themselves locked in institutions where they were not able to enjoy themselves.

Remember those young men who were subject to the strict discipline of firm older men with firm hard hands. Older men who would order them to drop their pants and lay their hunky young bodies across their laps, or bend, bare bottom uppermost, over gym horses to receive punishment for any number of misdemeanors.

As you sit tucking into your festive meal, remember those young lads for whom sitting was not so easy. For them, sitting down had become most uncomfortable, on account of the fact that their firm, pert and very bare young tails were regularly toasted to a warm cherry pink glow by firm hand spankings, stinging slipperings, painful canings, severe birchings and, of course, the strap.

These bad boys did not get to enjoy their day, but when you think of them remember that they are bad boys and that they deserved every smack, whack and humiliation. Don’t feel sorry for them, they are only getting their well overdue comeuppance, right at the seat of the problem. Enjoy that thought, and have a great day.

To help you enjoy the thought, here are some scenes from “Borstal Correction 2 (Back inside)” 

A Selection of Showers from Sting

Ever since Sting first shot the earliest scenes from The Punishment Book series back in the 1990’s many of their films have contained part of a shower scene. These have usually been part of the story build up and only small sections of the actual shoot were used in the final edit.

Over the years many customers have written to Sting asking to see more of the material which was not used in the final movie. In response Sting have gone back in time to the first productions and have carefully lifted from the original footage all the shower or bath time material they could find and have put together a compilation of shower and bath scenes and to make it even more interesting they have added a small extract of spanking from the various original stories too.

This gives Sting fans the opportunity to watch favorite Sting lads such as Paul, Will, a young Brett and a host of Asian lads in previously unseen footage, washing their hunky young bodies before or after a spanking.

When first released A Selection of Showers was part of the Premium Members’ site, however, Sting closed the Members area they made all the premium videos available as a single download available by clicking here