Discipline USA 13

(Warning: those suffering from Vexiphobia should be aware this film contains a US flag.)

Waiting in the Principal’s off is Costello ( Finn Harper) his report card is full of misdemeanours and the situation doesn’t seem to be improving. Its time this youth is given a reminder of how to study and behave in the college. Pinetop has a reputation to maintain and maintained it will be!

Lads can get cocky when they become seniors but there always the paddle waiting in the drawer to put an end to that.



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Costello will get a dose of the old holed paddle, right down to his bare bottom.






After the paddling he can go over the knee and have his sore freshly paddled backside well spanked too! ‘Through pain comes discipline’ as a famous US army platoon drill instructor once said!










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By Bruce

16 thoughts on “Discipline USA 13”
  1. Finn, as ever, gives a wonderful performance in this video. I love his facial expressions and I love the way he goes on tiptoes when Rich gives a swat with the paddle under his cheeks.

  2. I liked the flag warning. 😉 I am running out of superlatives to describe Finn. As always, he gives an outstanding performance – his facial & physical reactions are a joy to behold. Sting really needs to setup a separate studio dedicated to churning just Finn videos…

  3. Another great download featuring the truly tremendous Flynn.
    Super discipline with the paddle and hand. A great bottom to absorb the sting and pain. Plus what excellent blue pants. tight fitting jeans with such a bottom inside them.

  4. OW! WOW!! Our Finn just gets more spankable every time we see him being disciplined! Oh, what I’d give to be able to lay this drop-dead gorgeous young scamp over my knee and use my hardest slipper to smack that phenomenally pert and cheeky bottom! Just carved by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven for spanking! Beautifully enhanced too, I may say, by those spankably short and tight boxer-briefs that are a delicious shade of blue to be worn as punishment underpants! I’d love to think Finn selected them from his pants-drawer on purpose!

    In my early acquaintance with Sting Pictures I read a comment that Richard was the ‘man with the best job in Europe’! Well if there’s a man with a better one he must be very fortunate indeed!

  5. They say that some Hollywood stars of the Golden age like Betty Grable and Cyd Charisse insured their legs for millions of dollars! Perhaps Rich and Marco should do the same with their spanking arms!!

  6. Gorgeous lighting, close ups of Finn’s gorgeous butt, clothed and unclothed. He’s a keeper! Put Finn under long term exclusive Sting contract that requires him to stay lean. More of Finn Rich, please. How about a wheelbarrow with rapid fire. I will buy all of Finn’s Sting Pictures videos.

  7. Whats needed here is a proper touch your Toes caning at the Headmasters office in the old Sting style need a good headmaster with hard strokes though Richard is far to soft
    Great work though

    1. Hi RMJ

      As you will note from the title “Discipline USA” this video is set in America, where a cane wouldn’t be appropriate, as the usual implement of punishment is the paddle.

      If you want to see hard canings, you could check out :

      End of the Road: https://feelthesting.net/end-of-the-road/
      End of the Road (The Accomplice): https://feelthesting.net/end-of-the-road-the-accomplice-part-1-of-2/
      The Headmaster and Hackett: https://feelthesting.net/the-headmaster-and-hackett/
      The Housemaster’s Study Part 5 : https://feelthesting.net/housemasters-study-episode-5-extra-large-collectors-gallery/

      Amongst others.

      I suspect Rick Palmer, Trevor Dunst, Jerry Bosak and Joey Whyte would all quibble with the statement “Richard is far too soft”!! LOL 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed the video, even without the caning.


  8. Hi Bruce ,
    Thank you for highlighting the American theme of which i fully appreciate , i was thinking of future creations as above comments not on USA 13.
    Appreciate you forwarding your recommended list of films , you missed out THE HEADMASTER ( Dr Richard Barton) far superior !!! LOL

  9. Another clip that comes to mind which has quite a hard caning in is “The Governors Choice 8” with Leonardo King https://feelthesting.net/off-record-prison-spanking-governors-choice-part-8/ I personally don’t love caning I do really enjoy seeing a spanking over the knee administered by hand after a good caning I. I mean what’s more unfair than getting spanked on an already sore bottom let alone one that has already had the most severe of punishments!! 😁 A punishment for the worst behaving of bad boys!!

  10. Finn Harper looks incredible. Love his faded blue jeans. And what a treat when the very tight blue underwear is revealed. The socks were the icing on the cake thanks for having him keep them on. Good to see Rich back in the driving seat. Perfect camera angle from socks up when Finn is OTK. Great way to finish with the OTK hand spanking. Hoping Finn will be making another appearance on Sting very very soon. Here’s hoping. Thanks also to all involved in production.

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