Sports Report 22 (4K)

Sports Report 22

Bad behavior in the Approved Education establishments often resulted in being sent to be disciplined by one of the Masters. If this meant reporting to the PE master (Ryan Conway) as one lad had to (Tom Malone) then you can be sure he’ll be getting a very sore bottom.


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Once a lad feels the flat of this fit Master’s hand collide with his bare bottom, then a lad knows he’s in for a scorching time.

However, when the leather stinger comes out the real business of punishment gets started. Time for a lad to regret? Oh yes!


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6 comments on “Sports Report 22 (4K)

  1. Indeed HRH a great video.
    Young Tom has a lovely pert bottom and matching thighs and takes his punishment well. I am also getting impressed with Ryan as a spanker.
    To see that pale bottom with its reddish light hair brighten up as its spanked and strapped is quite a turn on.

  2. WOW! WHAT a super little clip!
    Shorn of that mop of unruly ginger hair, young Tom has lost something of that innocent boyishness and has acquired an almost loutish and certainly rather cocky look! And that, of course, is the best reason to lay him over the knee and smack his bottom good and hard! Thereby reducing him from a strapping young lad to the status of a naughty schoolboy!
    It was worth buying this clip for the underpants sequence alone! Tom’s selection from his pants-drawer has brought up the most perfect pair of punishment underpants! Coloured and the absolutely perfect length to frame his pert and cheeky bottom for some strict discipline! Spankingwear par excellence!
    This lad takes his punishment well, although his pained and shocked facial expressions indicate that the punishment is achieving everything it is supposed to be doing! That is clear, too, from the reddening of his bare downy bottom as he takes his pants down for the severest part of the spanking!
    I couldn’t help noticing, throughout this punishment, how spankable young Ryan’s bottom is in those close-fitting black shorts! It makes me wonder if this drop-dead gorgeous lad himself isn’t overdue for a smacked bum!!!

  3. Great video! Tom is very reminiscent of earlier Sting model, Ginger! Similar looks, reactions, etc.
    Preferred Tom’s hair in his first video where he was much more boyish looking!

    Would like to see more of Tom – perhaps a severe caning?

  4. I’d just like to endorse all sharples44’s comments (I have to say I hadn’t thought about the resemblance to Ginger, but I do agree – and they both share the same beautifully smackable bottom!) Let’s get young Tom to grow his hair again and get that lovely boyish look back!
    Cliff van Spanking.

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