Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation – The Governor’s Choice 5 & 6

The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation is

The Governor’s Choice 5 & 6


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The two videos in this compilation are:

The Governor’s Choice 5

Yet again two young inmates in prison have a real decision to make. Take the Governor’s choice of getting their punishment over with or having the whole thing on record to extensively lengthen their sentences.
Ward (Karl Frazer) and Fox (Phil Stone) reluctantly agree to off the record bare bottom corporal punishment and are sent to Officer Hardcastle (Travis McKinnon) to receive their just deserts!

Officer Hardcastle likes to make sure the job is done properly and that a return for more will be unlikely. These two might think they are cocky hunks but very soon their backsides are going to be burning, red and raw!


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The spanking though is just the start as the young lads well know. Their eyes have already been drawn to the old solid punishment fame, a painful wooden monolith standing in the corner. They are right of course both of them will be going over it next, trousers off and bare bottoms sore or not raised high!

A companion to the old fame is a well-oiled leather punishment strap now in the hands of the muscular Officer Hardcastle. Both Ward and cox know that this old persuader is going to leave some stinging and scorching bands of fire across their defenceless backsides. There’s nothing for it they’ve got to take it now it’s their choice even though the end result will be the well thrashed and blazing bare bottoms of two more insolent young inmates!

The Governor’s Choice 6

Taking the Governor’s choice is the best option to avoid getting an unsatisfactory monthly report or worse still lose of remission. This month two young inmates have chosen that option.

The first is Radcliff (Andrew Kitt) he was found sniffing around the lockers and desks in the staff area.

The senior officer Mr Sharpe (Marco) made sure he remembered where he is supposed to be by administering a good spanking there and then! Radcliff, not spanked before by the officer, found himself in three different positions as Mr Sharpe’s hard hand slapped his tender bare bottom a burning bright red!

Meadows (Rudi Vallance) had caused an unnecessary fight in the canteen and found himself once again in front of the Governor. This time the choice was made for him, and he was dispatched off to the senior officer for discipline to be administered.

First over the knee! This boy has a very rounded target and Mr Sharpe uses his right arm to good measure. Meadows firm muscular bare backside feels the full force of the scorching slaps the officer can deliver.

Next the lad is ordered over the punishment frame and the old reformatory strap is taken up. This thick brown leather stinger is perfect to put some sense back in to a wayward inmates brain, via the burning bare rear end that is.

Officers too can sometimes make bad decisions. Surprisingly this has happened to Mr Sharpe the governors right hand man. He has taken a bribe from one of the older more wealthy inmates. Things being what they are the governor doesn’t want to lose Mr Sharpe so he too gets a choice.

As with lads before him now the senior officer is over the knee and if that’s now humiliating enough it will be followed by a stinging dose of the strap. Mr sharpe takes his punishment, he can keep his job and bedsides there’ll be another young inmate along soon he can get his own with back for sure.



The Governor’s Choice 5 & 6


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  1. Lovely to see Marco on the receiving end again. He still has a very canable backside. Please get him in trouble for more discipline

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