The Video Preview for

Sentenced To The Birch

starring Finn Harper and Evan Novak

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Video Preview

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Sentenced To The Birch – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Sentenced To The Birch – in Standard Definition



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Title 2257

By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sentenced To The Birch”
  1. I was quite impressed with Finn’s performance in this trailer he can only get better as a too. A little more power and strength and who knows he could excell also I noted the rapid fire brilliant to see he is undergoing Stings SPANKING masterclass!

  2. I suspect as Finn is such a regular, & like all of us is getting older, they’d like to ease him into a switch role, before he starts to look too old for some of the audience to accept as a bottom. The trouble for me is that I like the spankee to be the most attractive person in the room, & that person is usually Finn (though with honourable mentions to James Lewis & Timmy Cole)! Maybe if Michal Christan could be tempted back… (though as it’s been nearly a year, I’m guessing that’s unlikely).

  3. I like the idea of Finn moving on to being a top but I think he needs a bit of practice and a few arm strengthening exercises. I look forward to seeing a lot more of him in these types of roles. Perhaps being a prefect at school would be a good start.
    Knowing that Finn does work on other sites I have been hoping to see him doing some Hornet films – sadly that doesn’t seem to happen. It would have been nice to see this current video end with Finn having a huge bulge in his trousers, ending possibly with him relieving himself in private.

  4. Always pleased to see Finn and he looks incredible here. Especially in the ‘last photo’. There is a place for expanding his role in different situations, but hopefully the majority of his future videos will see Finn back where he belongs. He is a very handsome guy and Sting provides the best platform for his talents. Would be great to see more of James Holt and Ryan Conway with Finn on the receiving end. A Christmas special with Finn – amazing.

  5. Finn is doing quite well in the top role, but he’s well overdue for a good, hard and long bare bottom spanking, and you can be sure he’s going to be getting one soon.

  6. Interesting that many feel like me: Fin should rather have received than giving the birch. And some more arm strength required…

    1. He may already have done so. When he stands up from the hard seat he has been sitting on he applies his hands to his buttocks, as if in discomfort. It’s the same set as for his own birching scene, & he’s wearing the same shirt (but not admittedly the same pants, but they would be rather inappropriate for the role of constable, so there’s at least the possibility that his own buttocks are burning as we watch him birch Ethan.

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