Re-Release: “While Step Dad’s Away”

While Step Dad’s Away
Starring Paul Wolfe, David Hines, Kamyk Walker and Adam Black

(This film was previously released under a slightly different title)

This short film takes a look at discipline between the younger crowd, those left behind while their stepdad’s away. Taking a leaf out of stepdad‘s book they know what to do when they catch their mates misbehaving!

One lad (Paul Wolfe) finds his step cousin (David Hines) yet again going through his phone. This time he decides to take action.

His cheeky friend needs dealing with! Perhaps if he put him over his knee he might remember to behave himself when tempted to interfere with other people property.


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The offender must learn a real lesson today, that flat rice spoon from the kitchen is going to make his butt burn even more after the spanking.

In another case two flat mates are also experiencing problems.

One lad (Kamyk Walker) had noticed his credit card was being used without his authority. He soon finds its his friend (Adam Black) who is the unauthorised user. He doesn’t want it to go any further but this boy needs to be punished. What would step Dad do?

Give his a good bare bottom spanking that’s what he’s do, followed by a good strapping or paddling. Why not all of that! This bad boy card user us going to get a sore backside now but then he’ll be in credit again.



While Step Dad’s Away – in 1080p Extra High Definition

While Step Dad’s Away – in Standard Definition

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5 comments on “Re-Release: “While Step Dad’s Away”

    • That might be possible, if he is still available, he gave a reasonably good performance in the top role on this one. I will ask Sting what they think

    • I regret that Paul has retired from adult film work, and now has a full time, grown up job in a business corporation.

      • Good for him! He seemed like an intelligent young guy. To my ear, he spoke English the best of all the foreign Stinglads.

  1. So nice to see Paul Wolfe again hope we see more of him which ever way giving the spanking or receiving the spanking he is one that i enjoy watching .Also he as a very nice bum to give a smacking to.
    Thank you Paul you are just brill.Melvin

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