The Housemaster’s Study 12

The Housemaster’s Study 12

Some lads don’t seem to take the hint first time round when they are warned about their behavior. This was certainly the case with one lad (James Lewis) who is now knocking on his Housemaster’s (Marco) study door to face the consequences.


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The warning he got the night before was for playing loud music on a radio after lights out, now the master wants to give him something to really make a noise about! The leather strap followed shortly after with a good spanking on the bare bottom will no doubt make this cheeky senior sing!




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13 comments on “The Housemaster’s Study 12

  1. Works for me too.
    James once again looked the part and great to see him wearing trunks under his dressing gown instead of pyjamas.
    He has a wonderful shaped bottom which turns me on. Pity though Marco did not produce the verbal pain reaction with the strap instead of the hand spanking however, an excellent production,

  2. Bruce do you know when we are likely to see Lucas Taylor appearing again. He is another of my favourites.

    • Hi Mike

      I am afraid I think that is unlikely, I believe Lucky has now retired from making adult films. However, I will check and confirm that.


      • oops! Sorry Mike, I got Lucas Taylor confused with Lucky Taylor, who worked with Sting some years ago. Blonde haired Lucas Taylor has not retired, however, he is unavailable at the moment, but he may well be back at some point, he is popular with a number of Sting fans

    • Hi Thomas

      I can’t remember if that one was included in a Compilation, I will check and get back to you


    • Hi again Thomas

      I can cintirm that “Angry Step Dads Back Home” was not included in any of the Compilations, so you can go ahead and purchase it.


  3. When will we have the pleasure of seeing Jerry Bosak, his long hairy legs and his (reddened) furry arse again? Am I the only one with withdrawal symptoms? 😉

    • Unfortunatly, Jerry is unavailable at the moment, but Sting hope to have him back at a later date. There is always a place for Jerry, (Preferably over someone’s knee!)

  4. Second Seb’s suggestion to see Jerry Bosak becomingly balls-bared & butt-beaten again,
    sure he’s man enough to take it done the right way: first firmly flog stripes on his stripped stern, then give them a second, more intimate life over the knee (actually, the lap, there’s too much of his magnificent muscular male meat to keep over one knee for long enough)

  5. Is it just me, or does James has a nice set? Would love to see these being held keeping him in wheelbarrow position by say Johan Volny?

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