Angry Dads lil’ Bast’rds

Angry Dads, Lil Bast’rds

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Two bad lads left to their own devices can soon get in to a lot of mischief. Sometimes it can get well out of hand as it did in the case of two brothers ( Corey Law & new StingLad David Hines)


Seeing a neighbour tending his garden they decided he needed a little more water and were glad to oblige. The golden shower however brought another reaction that put the boys in direct conflict with their Dad! They should have remembered he is not the best person to upset! Not only that the act had been caught on a mobile too and shared on social media. These lads were now really in trouble.


There was some luck in their story in that the neighbour had reluctantly agreed ‘if those two rascals get a good hiding I’ll take it no further!’ The deal was done. When they got in Dad was waiting! It started with the usually cheeky smiling and dismissal of what they’d done but that soon changed as Dads hand cracked down hard on the insolent boys firm, smooth, little bare bottoms.


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Spanking, Strapping, Caning and figging in “The Borstal Part 5”

These pictures from the September 2016 release The Borstal 5 were first posted to the old Feel the Sting Site


Discipline at Rainsford Borstal is strictly maintained, with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying of any sort. There are always some young inmates who need to be reminded of that, however, and it’s not long before Granger (Darren) joins their ranks. In a bad mood after being put on cleaning duties, he decides to take it out on another inmate doing craft work in the workshop.


His senior officer, Mr Sharpe, has never been one to tolerate bullies, and sends Granger off to fetch the willow birch. As the victim of the assault looks on, Mr Sharpe orders Granger to strip off his shorts and pants and bend over the workshop stool. He is going to get a good stinging whipping and for added humiliation, it will be in full view of his victim.
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The Birching Block (Part 6)

The pictures for this September 2016 release starring Robin Palmer and James Holt. with Marco and Johan Volny were originally posted to the previous Feel The Sting Site

The sturdy birching block has been set out yet again to support, in a good position, those miscreant young pupils who have flouted the rules. Strip Sir!… and go down! will be the last words they hear before discipline with a soaked whippy birch is laid on. Part of a public college education all designed to supremely educate the sons of gentlemen.

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Two more lads gets a spanking down under in “Colonial College 5”


The pictures from this August 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting last year


Getting down to final exam revision is always a difficult task for easily distracted senior college lads. Its summer now and there are lots of better things to do, regardless that the work in hand will almost certainly bring in better results.


Fishing is a much better proposition, well that’s the way young Paul Bekker (Joshua Clark) looks at it. The chances of getting caught are low…..


…. but this time his luck has run out. Sent to the Headmaster to explain himself Bekker knows he’s going to get a caning.
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Two would be thieves learn a painful lesson in “Retribution”



Stepping on to the wrong side of the law can have it consequences. For two young lads their brief crime spree turned out in a way that was not quite what they expected!! (these pictures from this October 2016 release were first posted to the old Feel the Sting).



Car theft otherwise known as the offence of take and drive is a popular first for the would be young tearaway. One lad (Alex Bell) was not so lucky in his first attempt and got caught. The burly owner of the vehicle (Phil Stone) knew the lads father but was persuaded not to call him if a different arrangement of punishment could be reached.


That arrangement would consist if a very hard spanking on the boys bare bottom …

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“The Governor’s Choice 9” part 2 of 2 – it is inmate Perez’s turn to make a choice

In scene 2 of The Governor’s choice 9 a second inmate strips for his punishment.


Later the next boy, Perez, arrives (Mike Alvez) regretfully knocking on the same door. He’s had to many visits so this time the Governor has dug out the old cat of nine tails.


Instead of the cane Perez can receive something perhaps more severe on his bare bottom.


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The Governor’s Choice 9 (Part 1 of 2)


The Governors Choice Part 9

For various misdemeanour’s the younger inmates are still taking advantage of being given a choice by the Governor, It’s on their record or off the record, if they commit a rule breaking offence. Most choose to keep their record clean and report to the punishment room to receive a spanking dose of correctional discipline.


Today its the turn of two lads, the first being Horton (Louie Ashby returns) He knocks on the punishment room door and enters. His eyes are immediately drawn to the frame ready and waiting. He is ordered to strip and takes position over it. The governor picks up a swishy rattan cane and the boy grits his teeth in readiness! He feels it tapping on the very crest of his vulnerable rounded bare bottom. The first burning stripes are laid on.




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Robin gets a, well deserved, triple bare bottom Spanking in the September 2016 release “One Two Three, Pain!” (Un, Deux, Trois Doleur)


Robin gets it in triplicate!

These pictures from a September 2016 release were previously posted to the old Feel the Sting Site

The day he drank too much red wine and took the family car for a spin and crashed it was the start of a three way punishment young Robin would not forget.
Just lately he had certainly become un garçon très vilain. It was time to put a stop to his antics before it got further out of hand. The family car was an important part of their transport. 


One of the French ways to punish a wayward boy is of course with fresh nettles. So it transpired that a three way application of discipline by the family for young Robin would now take place!



First his Grand frère Marco would march him to the woods and birch his bare bottom with some freshly picked mature stingers. This is not a good way to start, well for Robin anyway and even trying to cool your burning backside in the stream will not be enough to lessen the effect of receiving a good spanking from his Oncle, the next stop!






This is not a good way to start, well for Robin anyway and even trying to cool your burning backside in the stream will not be enough to lessen the effect of receiving a good spanking from his Oncle, the next stop!

Young Robin’s bad day had only just begun, and was about to get even worse!

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Sting CFNM: Michael gets Spanked in front of the family in “Family Values” – How embarrassing!!

fv2 (16)

In the latest Sting CFNM release young Michael discovers that Family Values can not leave a boy with a well spanked bare bottom, they can also be very, VERY, embarrassing!!!


Pictures from Family values have been posted to the Sting CFNM blog, and can be viewed by CLICKING HERE


WARNING this video features woman observing a Male on Male Spanking.




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