Sting CFNM: Cheat

The latest Sing CFNM release is

Sting CFNM: Cheat

Starring Robin Palmer, Lola Prazak and Jenny Buzzard

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WARNING: Sting CFNM videos feature young men being disciplined by Strict women


A Bitter Pill

A Bitter Pill

A drug deal leads to two well deserved spankings!

Gary Bennett (Adam Black) is known to have a supply of illicit drugs should any other college lads what to buy. His latest customer is Billy Clark (Luke Adams)

Unfortunately for Billy, he is caught in possession of them by the college caretaker. Pleading not to be reported to the Principle he agrees to take a punishment in the old fashioned way.

Over the caretaker’s knee he gets a good spanking!

Which soon progresses to his bare bottom!!



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You’ve Bin Caught


You’ve Bin Caught


Robbie Parker (Robin Palmer) likes to mess around in college and play lots of pranks on his fellow students. Every body is now getting just a little bit tired of his antics especially the gym coach (Dorian Easton) He’s had his eyes on reigning in this young whipper-snapper for sometime. Now of course the inevitable has happened.

After tipping a trash bin over the head of another boy the wayward Parker is most definitely caught in the act!

Robbie Knows he’s in trouble!!

The Coach has seen it all and intends to teach bad boy Robbie a sharp lesson.

First he’ll go over his knee for sure and get a good firm bare bottom spanking.


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Pants on Fire (Part 2 of 2)

Pants On Fire

The cautionary tale continues with a well deserved comeuppance …

It’s not long before the truth comes out and its found that in fact its Michael who is leading Jack in to bad ways. For this he’s now going to get a good hiding as well with a little added humiliation ..


A good bare bottom spanking to start

And this time it’s Jack’s who gets to watch and laugh!



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The Bully Gets His Well Deserved Comeuppance in “The Reformatory 3” (Part 2 of 2)

The Reformatory 3

Part 2

Wayne Brewster was pretty pleased with himself when he got young Tommy West into trouble, resulting in poor Tommy getting unfairly punished. However, the arrogant bully had forgotten about one thing! ……

The CCTV camera had seen everything and as they say the camera never lies. The cocky Brewster, thinking he has got away with it, is hauled before the Warden. Now the evidence is out in the open and he has nowhere to hide.

Brewster knows his ass is toast … literally


For getting young West in to so much trouble he too is now sent to the punishment room. On arrival he finds Tommy West is waiting there too. Mr Sharpe, his section officer, hands the paddle to West, a more severe holed one this time, with instruction to give him a good licking!



What a tempting target!


Tommy is going to really enjoy this


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The Late night Spanking Continues : “A Bedtime Story” (Part 2 of 2)

A Bed Time Story

(Scene 2)

ABS (14)1a


Getting another boy in to trouble had led to Mark Peterson (Jirka Mendez) a senior lad, to appear in front of the Headmaster just before lights out. The Headmaster was appalled that this senior would let another boy take the blame for something he has clearly done. To make the point he had summoned the other boy to witness the punishment to be handed out to Peterson.


Firstly it would be a caning across his tight stretched pyjamas


…followed some burning stripes on the unruly senior’s bare bottom.





All this to be observed gleefully, one might say, by the other boy.


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Approved Education: – Plugged Up!

Even though the lads have been sent to a strict corrective educational
centre they still lapse in to some tomfoolery from time to time.



One such boy, McLaren (Milo Milis) has decided it would be a great joke
to flood the communal bathroom and toilet area.
The Headmaster of course is far from amused and tears a strip off young
McLaren. He must be taught a strong lesson! There is only one way to
do that, a good hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking.



He quickly gets to work pulling the lad over his knee and laying on some
stinging slaps straight over the boys tight white Y fronts.



These are then pulled down to get some real action going. McLaren now bared
bottom starts to turn a burning red. The Head’s hand slaps down
relentlessly causing McLaren to howl.








Plugging up the sink was a foolish and childish thing to do so using the bad
puppy analogy McLaren finds he’s been plugged up too with a tail.




Now he really is a bad puppy and somewhat embarrassed, however now the
cruel hand comes scorching down again and again, rapid fire included. 






What can such a naughty boy expect! The only water flowing now will be
tears from McLaren’s eyes!



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Preview Trailer for Hornet Pictures – Approved Education “Serving Two Masters”

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Please note: Sting’s Hornet brand movies feature equal amounts of gay sex and spanking 

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(Hornet) – Approved Education “Serving Two Masters”

Approved educational intuitions were originally set up to turn badly behaved young lads towards a more productive and crime free lifestyle. This certainly sometimes worked but the road to success meant the boys having to learn to accept orders and do as they were told.

Two runaways recently picked up and brought back were Tony Brookes (Xander Hollister) and Robert Shaw (Johnny Jenkins) They were swiftly dispatched for punishment to their housemaster Mr Huntley (Lloyd Franke) He’d been put to a lot of trouble by them before and was in no mood to hear their excuses. They would have to pay and pay they will

The ring leader Brookes is order to bend over for the cane. His grey shorts pull tightly across his protruding backside. Mr Huntley swishing the cane begins the punishment while Jenkins can only look on. The wicked rattan cracks down and this appears to interest young Jenkins more than it should. He gazes at his friends well rounded arse recoiling again and again as the cane cuts down.

The cane is then followed by a stinging spanking with a ping pong paddle




Something is stirring and Mr Huntley has noticed. Well if they want to play that game then if anyone he should be the person to benefit. Now the two of them must attend to the young master’s wishes. Both boys’ bare backsides are sore and glowing as in turn they are spanked, paddled and slippered whilst actively pleasuring the young master.



Another student Harry Stanford (Milo Mills) has also been summoned to the housemaster’s office. Mr Harcross (Johan Volny) is not pleased about the lads very unsatisfactory discipline record. He will have to be taught a lesson and learn to obey. 

A good stinging bare bottom spanking is a starting point but as this puppy needs real training a ginger impregnated butt tail is inserted to keep his backside raised high. The spanking turns his bare bottom a bright shade of red and Mr Harcross’s growing bulge will now need to be dealt with by the yelping boy.


Something in his mouth to stop the noise is the order of the day! Stanford’s butt tail is in motion swinging from side to side as he pleasures the master, the stinging palm now replaced by the scorching unwelcome switches of a short birch.

Young Stanford’s bare bottom is on fire and the tail is removed but now it is to be replaced by something else far bigger and more demanding!

These wayward lads are quickly moving on to the straight and narrow will soon realise that it is possible to serve two masters!
Please note: Sting’s Hornet brand movies feature equal amounts of gay sex and spanking 


Rudi and Damien are “Burned by Temptation”


Younger brothers tend to look up to their older brothers but sometimes they are not the best role model to follow. They should be of course, but in the case of Paul Martin (Rudi Vallance) and his younger brother Nicholas (Damien Drake) trouble began the day Paul decided to joy ride in a neighbour’s car. He took his younger sibling along for the experience, whereas Nichols should have been safely studying in school.


The car broke down and had to be quickly abandoned by the hapless pair. As a result, the car owner was less than pleased by the antics of his eldest offspring.
To teach both lads a lesson he decided to punish Paul with his younger brother in attendance.



First the older boy had to strip, get over his his lap and take a good firm stinging spanking like he had used to when younger. ….


The difference this time is he’s nineteen and will have to suffer the indignity of his younger brother watching it all.




After the spanking the crack of a burning leather belt echo’s round the room turning Pauls already throbbing and rounded bare bottom red raw….


All the while in front of an attentive audience.


Nichols was very amused at seeing is older brother being punished like this at his age, however the smile soon leaves his face when he’s told that his housemaster now knows of his whereabouts and what he was up to instead of being in school.
Next day it’s time for Nicolas to face the music and his turn to receive a good trousers down spanking followed too by a bare backside scorching with the old school strap…


Nicholas’s housemaster does not follow present day discipline philosophies and believes getting straight to the bottom of a problem is the best way!




 hard, stinging leather on tender previously spanked skin!




For both lads it’s time to re think future actions as it looks like you really can get Burned By Temptation


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