Punishment Book – Paul Gets the Cain

Iconic Sting Star Paul gets a dose of the headmaster’s cane in an early Sting Pictures production. from Punishment Book Volume 2 in which Paul made his debut appearance and also in which he first revealed his future promise by first taking a caning from the head master, and latter a thrashing from his father on his still cane marked bottom.

Punishment Book Series


Pictures of Paul

Paul was the first of Sting’s regular young actors, who made memorable appearances on many of the earlier Sting Pictures productions such as Punishment Books Vol: 2, 3, 4 and 5, Asian Incident and Grey Shorts 1, in which his bare behind was reddened by everything from a firm hand to the cane, the birch, the strap, the slipper and the rubber soled gym-shoe, and in the process provided us all with hours of pleasure.

Paul and his young family have moved on to a new life on a far away land, but many of us will long retain fond memories of Sting’s first Superstar.

As a celebration of unforgettable Paul, I have posted various pictures of him, some spanking but also many non-spanking to the back up blog JockSpank II, and they can be viewed by clicking here.



The Making of a Gentleman – the spanking with figging scene

In the first scene from Sting Pictures download, The Making of a Gentleman, Darren, who plays the young miscreant Harfield, is placed firmly across an expert disciplinarian knee, his nightshirt is pulled up and he receives a severe hand spanking with a raw ginger butt-plug up his perfect bottom. An eye watering experience, known as figging (or feaguing) no doubt as memorable for young Darren as for those of us watching it.

pictures from later scenes in The Making of a Gentleman can be viewed here
Update: The Making of a Gentleman together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the

The Making of a Gentleman – the strapping and birching scenes

Darren stars in the thrashing Victorian drama “The making of a Gentleman”

Description: Carnfield Institute run by the venerable Colonel James Templeton Lee has a legendary reputation for putting the wayward sons of gentlefolk back on the straight and narrow. This Edwardian institution is virtually a fee paying private reformatory school and run on the same lines. The story is a platform for Sting model Darren ably assisted by James B. Set at the turn of the century William Harfield, on the recommendation of a magistrate, is sent as an alternative punishment to serve time in Carnfield Institute. The idea is very much supported by Williams guardians who give the founder Colonel Lee full permission to implement any necessary means needed to turn the lad around. The colonel and his staff waste no time in employing all the traditional methods including bare bottom spanking the birch and strap in their efforts to turn young William in to a real English gentleman. Does it work? The answer can be found in ‘The Making of a Gentleman’.


Update: The Making of a Gentleman together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the

Scenes from “My Borstal Days part 1” # 1

These are some images from Sting Pictures 2005 release “My Borstal days”.


Borstals were a form of reformatory for wayward youths which existed in the United Kingdom from the 19th Century until the early 1980’s, where boys and young men who had broken the law, were sent for “training” and certainly for much of the time various forms of discipline involving corporal punishment were widely practiced.

In My Borstal Days we follow the experiences of a number of bad boys including Charlie Fox and Phillip Stevens (played by Brett and James) are sentenced to eighteen strokes of the birch and two years training at Rainsford Borstal.



Scenes from “My Borstal Days Part 1” # 4

A further set of pictures from Sting’s DVD and download “My Borstal Days”, including the scene where Tigger and David attempt to escape. Luckily for us voyeurs and unluckily for their bare bad boy bottoms, they do not succeed!!

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My Borstal Days